Shivani Shukla ∙ Dec 4 2022, 12:00 PM | 2 Min Read

Graeme Smith feels bilateral ODI series need more context to lure fans


Graeme Smith | Source: Twitter

Former South Africa captain Graeme Smith believes that bilateral ODI series need more context in order to lure the fans in the stadiums when asked about the decline of ODIs in world cricket.

The talks over the decline of ODI cricket have risen recently after the bilateral ODI series between England and Australia saw a massive dip in fans attendance. Only a handful of spectators gathered at the MCG.  

Reflecting on the issue, the SA20 Commissioner Graeme Smith stated that too many ODI series and bilateral series are being organised after Covid-19 pandemic, and it doesn't have any relevance or impact on world cricket as it should. 

Here's what Graeme Smith told News 18 Cricketnext’s Youtube channel:

“What happened is that post-Covid these so many series needed to be made up and boxes ticked for broadcast or commercial stuff. You know those three ODIs (England vs Australia) after the World Cup just didn’t have any relevance or meaning."

"It has to be done but didn’t have the same impact on world cricket as it should. We need to provide context for everything we do, certainly in bilateral cricket."

The former South African further made an interesting observation, stating that too much cricket takes a toll not just on cricketers but on fans as well. Spectators often 'get lost in the moment' due to the viewer fatigue with continuous and fast cricket.

“It’s like you arrive in a country, stay for four days, play three ODIs and move on to New Zealand to play a Test series. Fans get lost in the moment."

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