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[Watch] Pandya Laughs At Badoni's Run-Out; KL Rahul Gets Angry After Controversial Decision

Ayush Badhoni departs [AP]Ayush Badhoni departs [AP]

Ayush Badoni's departure via a run-out added a dramatic twist to the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) Vs Mumbai Indians (MI) clash. With just a few runs needed for LSG to secure victory, Badoni's wicket at a crucial juncture brought the game to life.

Scoring six runs off six balls, Badoni seemed poised to steer LSG to victory. However, a clear run-out opportunity arose, putting LSG in a precarious position with six wickets down. 

As the tension mounted, Ishan Kishan's missed attempt to dislodge the bails on the first try heightened the anticipation.

Upon review by the TV umpire, it became evident that Badoni's bat was airborne as the bails were dislodged on the second attempt. Despite the close call, the decision to declare Badoni out stood, leaving him and the LSG fans disheartened.

Watch - Ayush Badhoni departs

The on-field drama escalated as KL Rahul, visibly perturbed, engaged with the umpires in an animated discussion. However, the decision remained unchanged, much to the delight of the Mumbai Indians players and supporters.

The intensity of the moment was captured on the big screen as Badoni watched in disbelief while the MI players celebrated their fortune. The momentum swung in MI's favor, injecting renewed energy into the game.

However, LSG won the match by 4 wickets against the five time champions.