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Debashis Sarangi ∙ May 11 2023, 6:56 PM | 3 Min Read

When 'Umpiring' Took All Limelight For Wrong Reasons: Top 5 Umpiring Blunders in IPL 2023

image-lhj5reb1There have been several umpiring errors in the past [Source: Twitter]

As expected, the sixteenth season of the Indian Premier League has provided cricket fans with thrills and chills along with endless entertainment. With every single team studded with some outright match-winners, we have witnessed plenty of nail-biting fixtures, including numerous dramatic last-over finishes. 

However, as they say a coin has two sides, the IPL 2023 has also seen some bizarre on-field blunders committed by the guardians of the game, the honourable umpires. As the tournament reaches its fag end, here we list five such umpiring errors, which grabbed the attention of millions of fans around the globe. 

5) CSK survive a no ball due to TV umpire's ignorance

image-lhj5o1lcMS Dhoni collected the ball before the stump line [Source: Twitter]

The group-stage fixture between two fierce rivals, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings, saw truckloads of runs being scored, with the latter having the last laugh in the final over. However, more than the drama surrounding the game, an umpiring error gained spotlight. 

The incident took place in the 15th over, when CSK appealed for a stumping as MS Dhoni dislodged the bails after a ripper from Ravindra Jadeja whizzed past Dinesh Karthik's outside edge. However, in the replay, Karthik's back foot was seen to be grounded. As a result, the TV umpire Michael Gough declared him not out. 

But despite being a member of the ICC elite panel, Gough failed to see that the ball was collected before the stump line. So, as per rules, it should've been declared a no ball. 

RCB lost the game by a bare seven-run margin. So, the outrage from the RCB fans was understandable as the game marked its conclusion. 

4) Rohit Sharma gets unlucky against RCB

image-lhj5m8irRohit Sharma got unlucky [Source: Twitter]

The IPL 2023 has been a forgettable tournament for Rohit Sharma, who has managed only 191 runs at a mediocre average of 17.36. 

But besides his poor form, the Indian captain got unlucky with a questionable decision, as he was declared LBW against RCB despite the impact being a whopping 3.7 metres down the ground. 

Although broadcasters Star Sports gave a formal clarification, citing the point of impact was actually less than 3 meters from the stumps, the decision received backlash from passionate MI fans. 

3) Jaiswal gets out on a waist-high full toss

image-lhj5jwc6Yashasvi Jaiswal's controversial dismissal [Source: Twitter]

Yashasvi Jaiswal has grabbed a million eyeballs through his flamboyant stroke play and incredible consistency in the IPL 2023. The stylish southpaw has played numerous glorious knocks, with a breathtaking hundred against Mumbai Indians being the most prominent one. 

However, the promising batter was unlucky, as he was controversially declared out after miscuing a waist-high full toss off Arshad Khan.

2) Umpire changes the ball without consulting the bowling team

In another interesting event, the on-field umpire changed the ball midway during the group-stage game between CSK and RR. Although dew was cited as the reason behind taking the call, it didn't go well with the Royals, as they weren't informed about it. 

After the game concluded, ace RR spinner Ravichandran Ashwin slammed the officials, being penalised for breaching the code of conduct in this process. 

1) Devon Conway gets a lucky escape

image-lhj4i5ldDevon Conway survived a close LBW call [Source: Twitter]

The umpiring standards hit a new low on Wednesday, when CSK's Devon Conway survived a close LBW shout, riding on an umpiring error. 

Delhi Capitals' off spinner Lalit Yadav deceived the Kiwi opener with a well-disguised flighted delivery that hit him on his front pad. It looked really close, but the on-field umpire declared him not out. 

However, DC opted to go upstairs, but only to return empty-handed, with the TV umpire upholding the on-field decision despite the snicko meter not providing him with reliable evidence on a potential inside edge.