Hardik Pandya Brothers

Hardik Pandya, along with his brother Krunal Pandya and stepbrother Vaibhav Pandya  (Twitter)Hardik Pandya, along with his brother Krunal Pandya and stepbrother Vaibhav Pandya  (Twitter)

Indian cricketer, Hardik Pandya epitomizes agility and brilliance on the field. As an all-rounder, his contributions to the Indian team have been instrumental in numerous victories.

Born on October 11, 1993, in Surat, Gujarat, Pandya's journey from domestic cricket to the global arena is a story of immense hard work and passion for the game.

Renowned for his explosive batting and effective medium-pace bowling, Pandya has become a vital player for the Indian team and Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Hardik Pandya's Brother, Krunal Pandya

Krunal Pandya, the elder brother of Hardik Pandya, has made a name for himself in international and domestic cricket as a formidable all-rounder.

What does Krunal Pandya do?

Hardik Pandya's Brother, Krunal Pandya [X.com]Hardik Pandya's Brother, Krunal Pandya [X.com]

Born on March 24, 1991, Krunal is a left-handed batter and specializes in slow left-arm orthodox bowling.

Making his international debut for India in November 2018, he has since become a vital player for Baroda in domestic competitions and Lucknow Super Giants in the IPL.

Is Krunal Pandya married?

The southpaw tied the knot with Pankhuri Sharma in 2017. The couple, along with their son Kavir, resides in a lavish home in Ahmedabad.

Krunal Pandya's synergy with his brother Hardik in cricketing endeavours has enthralled fans, making the Pandya brothers a renowned duo in the cricket world.

Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya [X.com]Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya [X.com]

Hardik Pandya's Brother, Vaibhav Pandya

Vaibhav reportedly grew up in Mumbai. He went to New English School in Mumbai for his early education and then got a commerce degree from IES High School in Bandra-East in 2006.

Vaibhav, whose precise familial ties to Hardik and Krunal Pandya are somewhat nebulous, appeared to have a close bond with the Pandya brothers' late father, Himanshu Pandya, affectionately referring to him as "Papa."

With a robust following of nearly 38K on Instagram, and an activity timeline extending to as recent as April 1, Vaibhav's profile features multiple snapshots alongside eminent cricket figures.

He was frequently seen at IPL matches cheering for Hardik and Krunal, even celebrating with a picture of himself holding the Gujarat Titans' IPL 2022 trophy.

What does Vaibhav Pandya do?

Hardik Pandya's Brother, Vaibhav Pandya [Instagram]Hardik Pandya's Brother, Vaibhav Pandya [Instagram]

The internet offers scant details on Vaibhav's exact relation to the Pandya siblings; conjectures range from him being a cousin to possibly a stepbrother to the renowned cricketing duo. He also has an elder brother named Gauraw Pandya who is married.

Beyond familial connections, Vaibhav is known for his entrepreneurial ventures, notably launching a polymer enterprise with the Pandya brothers in 2021. The business arrangement saw Hardik and Krunal contributing 40% each to the venture, with Vaibhav pitching in the remaining 20%.

Is Vaibhav Pandya Married?

As per the reports, Vaibhav, who will turn 37 in 2024, is currently unmarried, and details regarding his personal relationships remain undisclosed.

Recent News about Hardik Pandya's Brother

In April 2024, Vaibhav Pandya was apprehended by the Economic Offence Wing (EOW) of the Mumbai Police on charges of defrauding his brothers Hardik and Krunal Pandya in a business venture.

Controversy surfaced when allegations emerged against Vaibhav for embezzling Rs.4.3 crores from the business, purportedly misdirecting profits.

Following these accusations, several reports began referring to him as the Pandya brothers' "stepbrother." The fallout led to Hardik and Krunal lodging a police complaint, resulting in Vaibhav Pandya's arrest and a five-day police custody order.

Hardik Pandya Brothers: FAQs

Q.1. Who is the brother of Hardik Pandya?

Answer: Hardik Pandya has three brothers, Krunal Pandya, Vaibhav Pandya, and Gauraw Pandya. Krunal is his elder brother and a fellow international cricketer, while Vaibhav and Gauraw are reportedly his stepbrothers and entrepreneurs.

Q.2. Are Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya real brothers?

Answer: Yes, Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya are real brothers and have both represented India in international cricket.

Q.3. Is Krunal Pandya the brother of Hardik Pandya?

Answer: Yes, Krunal Pandya is the elder brother of Hardik Pandya.

Q.4. Are Hardik Pandya and Vaibhav Pandya real brothers?

Answer: Vaibhav Pandya is often referred to as the stepbrother of Hardik and Krunal Pandya. The exact nature of their familial relationship has been a subject of discussion, but they share a close familial bond.