Rwanda's Giovannis Uwase's bowling action gets suspended by ICC

image-ld2tw16xGiovannis Uwase bowled splendidly against ZIM U19

Rwanda's fast bowler Giovannis Uwase has got her action reported and it has been suspended from bowling in international cricket with immediate effect, after her action was found illegal at Under-19 Women's T20 World Cup.

The seamer, thus far, has contested to two games in the ongoing ICC event, where she went wicketless against Pakistan Under-19 Women but she was one of the key pillars for Rwanda during their historic win against Zimbabwe Under-19 Women.

The decision was taken by the Under-19 Women's T20 World Cup's Event Panel, which comprises members of the ICC Panel of Human Movement Specialists.

As per the International Cricket Council:

"The assessment was carried out in accordance with clauses 3.5 and 4.7 of the ICC Illegal Bowling Regulations. The Event Panel concluded that Uwase employed an illegal bowling action and, as such, in accordance with the regulations, she is immediately suspended from bowling in international cricket."

According to the ICC claws, a cricketer's bowling action gets reported illegal if a bowler's elbow extension exceeds 15 degrees, measured from the point at which the bowling arm reaches the horizontal until the point at which the ball is released.

Uwase's suspension will remain in place until she undergoes a reassessment that confirms her elbow extension is within the permissible limit.

In the Under-19 Women's T20 World Cup, Rwanda are sitting in the second spot in Group B, just behind England U19 Women. Their next will be against the table-toppers at Potchefstroom. 

At the moment, the East African nation has a heavy chance of qualifying for the Super-Six stage, but Uwase's absence could haunt them in the business end of the tournament.

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