ICC loses USD 2.5 million after falling victim to an online scam

image-ld4fhgwgICC Office in Dubai [Source: Twitter]

In a shocking turn of events, the International Cricket Council has fallen prey to an online scam, losing approximately USD 2.5 million in this process. 

Furthermore, the fraudsters have robbed the ICC not once but four times. So, an established organisation like ICC not getting a clue about the scam has surprised fans and experts. 

As per reports, the fraudsters claimed themselves as vendors of the ICC. They used a familiar email to deceive and rob the governing body multiple times. 

As the scammers belong to the US, the ICC has launched an investigation with the assistance of United States Law Enforcement agencies. 

The scam has taken the cricket fraternity by storm. Notably, an associated nation affiliated with the ICC receives an annual grant of $ 50,000 to $ 100,000. Therefore, a member of an associated nation has expressed his surprise as well as disappointment over the matter. 

Here's what the member told Cricbuzz

"It can't be true. An ODI Associate 13-20 ranked can get anything between 500k to one million."

Following the scam, ICC's finance department has been severely scrutinised, both internally and externally, as investigation has begun on the casual approach of the board's staff in money transaction. 

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