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Probuddha Bhattacharjee ∙ Updated: May 22 2023, 10:42 PM | 3 Min Read

Shubman Gill, the biggest threat to CSK: How to stop him in Qualifier 1 of IPL 2023?

image-lhz3i0teShubman Gill has notched up two centuries in the last two matches of IPL 2023 (Source: AP Photo)

The business end of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2023) is here, and we are set to begin the playoffs with Qualifier 1 between Gujarat Titans and the Chennai Super Kings. Both teams will come into the game with proper planning and set strategies against each other. 

But in this article, we will be taking a look at the game from the angle of the Chennai Super Kings. The biggest threat for them in this match will be the ever-consistent Shubman Gill. He has scored 680 runs in the tournament in 14 innings and is looking in ominous form with two centuries in the last two matches. 

So, it will be essential for the Chennai Super Kings to dismiss the Indian opener very early in the GT innings. Hence, what strategy could CSK stick to get this precious wicket? To decode Shubman Gill, the batter, we must look at his scoring pattern at the different lines and lengths. 

Shubman Gill vs Different line and lengths

image-lhz38g4iShubman Gill vs different lengths in IPL 2023 (Table created in Datawrapper)

image-lhz3d2clShubman Gill vs different lines in IPL 2023 (Table created in Datawrapper)

Where not to bowl against Gill?

So the table tells us that Gill finds the short of good length area quite comfortable. He has the best strike rate in this area and has been dismissed only twice here. If we look at the lines, Gill enjoys room outside the off stump and has scored at a strike rate of over 150 from the deliveries bowled to him there. So we can decipher that room outside the off stump is something he looks for if he gets strangled in the middle. 

How to keep Shubman Gill quiet and eventually dismiss him?

Gills scoring pattern tells us that he plays with the least strike rate when the ball is bowled within the stumps. So, sticking to a middle and leg stump line might be beneficial to keep him under control. However, he has been chiefly dismissed of deliveries around the good length, which could be the ideal area. 

So, to keep Gill quiet, CSK bowlers must look to bowl around the good length at the middle and leg stump line. You cannot win matches by just containing runs; you need to pick up wickets. So, if a catching fielder could be kept around the short point region and an occasional delivery outside the off stump while strangling him for room on other occasions is given, it might prove effective. Gill might look for the release shot of the delivery outside the off stump and, in that attempt, might end up giving a catch to the short point region.