IPL 2024 | Who is Sameer Rizvi? Why did MS Dhoni Want him in CSK?

image-lqjhavoeCSK spent INR 8.4 Cr of Sameer Rizvi in the IPL 2024 Auction (Source: x.com)

Sameer Rizvi, the Uttar Pradesh batter, emerged as a significant acquisition for the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL 2024 auction, securing a substantial bid of Rs 8.4 crore, a significant leap from his base price of Rs 20 lakh. The auction witnessed a heated bidding war between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans, with Delhi Capitals later entering the fray. The intense competition saw Gujarat Titans withdrawing at Rs 7.6 crore, and as Delhi Capitals stirred the bidding further, Chennai Super Kings eventually secured Sameer Rizvi's services with the winning bid.

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This significant investment underscores the franchise's recognition of Rizvi's potential and his recent impressive performances in the UP T20 League. Sameer Rizvi gained prominence on the cricketing scene following his notable showing in the UP T20 League. During this tournament, he amassed 455 runs in nine innings, featuring two centuries, while representing the Kanpur Superstars. These stellar performances likely played a pivotal role in elevating Rizvi's value at the IPL auction and catching the attention of multiple franchises.

How will Sameer Rizvi be helpful for the Chennai Super Kings?

image-lqjgthjqAnalysing Sameer's SMAT T20 2023 - Match-wise Performance

  • Sameer Rizvi's acquisition by the Chennai Super Kings at the IPL 2024 auction presents an exciting prospect, especially in addressing the vacancy left by the retirement of Ambati Rayudu. Rayudu's departure created a void in the number four slot for CSK, and Sameer Rizvi emerges as a potential candidate to fill that crucial position.
  • Examining Rizvi's List A cricket stats, he has played 11 matches, accumulating 205 runs at an average of 29.28. While these numbers provide a glimpse of his potential, his true prowess shines through in the T20 format. In 11 T20 matches, Rizvi has scored an impressive 295 runs, boasting an average of 49.16 and a strike rate of 134.7. These T20 statistics underscore his ability to perform exceptionally well in the shortest format of the game.
  • Analyzing Sameer Rizvi's performance in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy T20 2023, particularly in matches won and lost, provides valuable insights into his consistency and impact in T20 cricket. In the four matches where his team emerged victorious, Rizvi showcased impressive form, accumulating a total of 129 runs with an average of 43 and a strike rate of 134.4. Even in the single match where his team faced defeat, Rizvi contributed significantly by scoring 42 runs off 29 balls. This demonstrates his ability to maintain consistency and make valuable contributions irrespective of the team's outcome.
  • These statistics not only underline Rizvi's effectiveness in T20 cricket but also suggest that he can handle pressure situations and deliver noteworthy performances even in challenging circumstances. As a potential replacement for Ambati Rayudu, Rizvi's track record in T20 cricket, especially in games resulting in victories, makes a compelling case for his inclusion in the Chennai Super Kings' middle order.


In conclusion, Sameer Rizvi's significant price tag of 8.4 crores in the IPL 2024 auction appears justified given his valuable skill set, particularly his ability to hit sixes. The importance of power-hitting in T20 cricket cannot be overstated, and Rizvi's capacity to clear the boundaries makes him a valuable asset for the Chennai Super Kings.

His performances in T20 leagues, consistency in various formats, and the crucial attribute of being a six-hitter align with the demands of T20 cricket. As he steps into the shoes of Ambati Rayudu, Rizvi's ability to contribute significantly with aggressive and impactful batting positions him as a key player for CSK in the upcoming IPL season.