Top 10 Richest Cricketers In The World 2023

image-lmiwwp1aSamarjitsinh Ranjitsingh Gaekwad is net worth 4.2 Billion USD []

Sport is a fielding that demands dedication, unrelenting focus to succeed, and hours of hard work and toil.

Cricket regarded as the fourth-most famous team sport in the world after Football/Soccer, Basketball, and Hockey is played religiously in several parts of the world, such as South East Asia, Oceania, and the Caribbean regions, providing the game with eyeballs exceeding others.

Thus, players involved are also viewed in esteem and gain instant recognition, which over time builds up and adds to the brand of cricketer.

The main earning of cricket is via contracts, brand endorsements, and sponsorship deals. The value is ever-changing and is purely based on the performance of the player on the field, which majorly dictates negotiations. 

Worth (Approx)
Samarjitsinh Ranjitsingh GaekwadIND$ 4.2 Billion
Sachin TendulkarIND$ 170 Million
MS DhoniIND$ 127 Million
Virat KohliIND$ 125 Million
Ricky PontingAUS$ 95 Million
Sourav GangulyIND$ 80 Million
Jacques KallisSA$ 70 Million
Brian LaraWI$ 60 Million
Shane WarneAUS$ 50 Million
Chris GayleWI$ 45 Million

In this article, we list the Top 10 richest (approx.) cricketers in the world in 2023. 

Samarjitsinh Ranjitsingh Gaekwad (4.2 Billion USD)

Apart from being the richest cricketer, Samarjitsinh Ranjitsingh Gaekwad is also one of the most valued people in India. Gaekwad belongs to the Baroda Royal Family and is the ceremonial king of the Baroda, inheriting a staggering INR 20,000 crore after resolving a family dispute in 2013. 

The 56-year-old played Ranji Trophy cricket for Baroda, feating in six First-Class matches between 1987 and 1989. 

Sachin Tendulkar (170 Million USD)

image-lmixx3vrSachin Tendulkar has scored 100 international centuries []

Regarded as one of the greatest, India's Sachin Tendulkar has scaled unprecedented heights both on and off the field, setting benchmarks for players. The former India captain's estimated worth is said to be around 170 million USD, which is equal to INR 1,450 crore.

Most of Tendulkar's earning has come from brand endorsements, where the batter became the player to sign an INR 100-crore deal.  The 50-year-old played 664 internationals for India, and scored 34,357 runs with 100 tons and 164 fifties. 

MS Dhoni (127 Million USD)

image-lmj2fp4hMS Dhoni plays for CSK []

One of the smartest minds in cricket, former India captain MS Dhoni has been a beacon of success for players worldwide. Dhoni, who is the only captain to lift all-coveted ICC titles, is roughly worth 127 million or INR 1,050 crore.

The celebrated wicketkeeper batter is one of the highest-paid celebrities in India, apart from holding a highly-paying IPL contract worth INR 15 crore/year. Dhoni has made several investments, and only recently started his movie production company. 

Virat Kohli (125 Million USD)

image-lmiygru3Virat Kohli is richest amongst active international players []

Undoubtedly, a modern-day great, India's Virat Kohli has made off for himself, which distinguished him from the rest.  Kohli recently crossed the INR 1,000-crore barrier and is estimated as rich as 125 Billion USD, amounting to INR 1,030 Crore.

 The 34-year-old's brand value adds to his aura, which sees the batter rake in huge money from promotions and social media engagement apart from contracts. Kohli's accumen as a business can also be seen with his several off-shoot investments.

Ricky Ponting (95 Million USD)

image-lmj2hgynRicky Ponting won two WC as captain []

A constant contender to Tendulkar's throne, Australia's Ricky Ponting ruled the batting charts during the 2000s. Apart from personal glory, Ponting took Australian cricket to greater heights, winning back-to-back World Cups (2003 & 2007).

Ponting's worth in 2023 is estimated to be around 95 Million USD (INR 700 crore). A stalwart in Australian cricket, Ponting became a poster boy for several brands and became the face of Kookaburra, apart from being paid millions by Cricket Australia. Post-retirement, the three-time World Cup-winning player earns mainly from commentary and coaching stints. 

Sourav Ganguly (80 Million USD)

image-lmj2hr8zSourav Ganguly served as BCCI President []

A leader, who changed the face of Indian cricket, Sourav Ganguly left a humongous mark on the sport with his man-management skills and aggressive strategy.  Apart from central contracts and advertisements, Ganguly, who came from an affluent family, runs one of the biggest printing presses in the country.

However, Ganguly ventured into entertainment, and flourished as a TV show host, adding more star power. Dada is said to be worth 80 Million USD (INR 660 Crore) and still continues to coach as well from time-to-time. 

Jacques Kallis (70 Million USD)

image-lmj2hwzrJacques Kallis worked with KKR []

Regarded as one of the best in the business, South Africa Jacques Kallis's value on the field is immeasurable, while off it is worth 70 Million USD (INR 580 Crore). Apart from being a sublime fielder, Kallis surpassed expectations with both bat and ball. 

The all-rounder slammed over 25,534 runs and claimed 577 wickets between 1995 and 2014. Only recently, the 47-year-old came into coaching after having invested in various firms, including sports management and a prominent fast-food chain in South Africa.  

Brian Charles Lara (60 Million USD)

image-lmj2i25vBrian Lara rings Lord's bell []

One of the most elegant and stylish batters, West Indies' Brian Charles Lara finds his way into the list, with a total net worth of 60 Million USD (480 INR crore). Firstly, Lara tired his opponents out and then pounced on fatigued bowlers, which is a hallmark of his unique style that helped him reach the 400-run mark in Test and the 500-run mark in First-Class cricket. 

The left-handed batter earned the most from brand endorsements, followed by coaching and commentary, and still serves as an ambassador for several local companies. 

Shane Warne ( 50 Million USD)

image-lmj2i8h7Shane Warne is second-highest Test wicket-taker []

The late great Shane Warne needs no introduction. Warne outfoxed batters with his guile, attitude, and skills, which made him one of the best leg-spinners in the sport. The former Australian player's net worth before his untimely death last year was estimated to be around 50 Million USD (415 INR crore). 

Apart from being the face of several brands, Warne earned from various coaching stints, commentary contracts, and private investments in gin distillery and IPL team Rajasthan Royals. 

Chris Gayle (45 Million USD)

image-lmj2if02Chris Gayle played for West Indies []

One of the biggest names in franchise and global cricket, Chris Gayle rounds off an impressive top 10 list. The former West Indies batter, known for brutal and merciless batting manner is said to be worth 45 Million USD (373 INR crore). 

Apart from various franchise contracts, Gayle earns from endorsing several brands, while also promoting resorts and hotels back home. The cricketer has investments in virtual gaming platforms as well apart from an AR-based startup.