Brian Lara Stadium

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Located in the locality of Tarouba, San Fernando, the Brian Lara Stadium is a modern, multi-purpose stadium inaugurated in 2017. Named after the legendary West Indies cricketer Brian Lara, the academy is designed to be a cornerstone for cricket in the Caribbean.

It has a seating capacity of 15,000, combining fixed seats and scenic grass banks, and is equipped with advanced facilities to host both domestic and international cricket events.

Positioned just outside the city centre and adjacent to the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, it stands as a tribute to the cricketing greatness of Brian Lara and serves as a hub for nurturing future talents.

Brian Lara Stadium History

The vision for the Brian Lara Stadium began in 2004, initiated by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago with the intent to enhance the country's sports infrastructure. 

Originally planned to host warm-up matches for the 2007 World Cup, construction delays and escalating costs pushed its completion to a decade later than intended.

Finally opened in 2017, the stadium did not make the World Cup timeline but has since matured into a prestigious venue for cricket. 

Brian Lara Stadium Capacity

The stadium's design accommodates 15,000 spectators, creating an inviting atmosphere with its mix of permanent and temporary seating arrangements.

The grass banks add a unique Caribbean flavour to the viewing experience, while the fixed seats provide comfort and excellent sightlines for spectators. This capacity makes it well-suited for large-scale events, drawing cricket fans from across the region and beyond.

Brian Lara Stadium Pitch Report

The pitch at the Brian Lara Stadium is a paradise for batsmen, characterized by its hard, flat surface that aids in the ball coming onto the bat smoothly, facilitating aggressive stroke-play. 

While the pitch generally favours batters, it offers some assistance to spin bowlers in the later stages of a game.

Is Brian Lara Stadium a Batting or a Bowling Pitch?

Predominantly, the Brian Lara Stadium features a batting-friendly pitch. Teams batting first have an advantage, as evidenced by their higher win ratio in matches played at this venue. This characteristic makes it a favoured ground for teams looking to put up big scores and defend them.

Brian Lara Stadium Weather Report

The Brian Lara Stadium is situated in a region known for its tropical climate, highlighted by warm temperatures, high humidity, and periodic rainfall. These conditions can affect play, especially in terms of ball handling and pitch behaviour. 

Rain can lead to interruptions but also makes for exciting, fast-paced matches as teams adjust strategies around weather forecasts.

Brian Lara Stadium T20I Records

First T20I Match
Matches Played4
Matches Won Batting First3
Matches Won Batting Second1
Highest Individual Innings119 by Phil Salt (England) on 19/12/2023 vs West Indies
Best Bowling3/24 by Gudakesh Motie (West Indies) on 21/12/2023 vs England
Highest Team Innings267/3 (England) on 19/12/2023 vs West Indies
Lowest Team Innings132 (England) on 21/12/2023 vs West Indies
Highest Run Chase Achieved133/6 (West Indies) on 21/12/2023 vs England
Average Score Batting First185
Average Runs per Over8.62

Brian Lara Stadium Address

Located near key transport links, the Brian Lara Stadium's address is 7HW9+FG7, Brian Lara Stadium Rd, San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago.

Brian Lara Stadium Major Matches

Since its opening, the Brian Lara Stadium has quickly become a significant venue on the cricketing map. It hosted the CPL final in 2017 and has been selected to host key matches in the T20 World Cup 2024, including the first semi-final.

Brian Lara Stadium T20I Matches

Sr No.
1West IndiesIndia29/07/2022India won by 68 runs
2West IndiesIndia03/08/2023West Indies won by 4 runs
3West IndiesEngland19/12/2023England won by 75 runs
4West IndiesEngland21/12/2023West Indies won by 4 wickets

Brian Lara Stadium: FAQs

Q.1. When was the Brian Lara Stadium inaugurated?

Answer: It was inaugurated in 2017 after initially being planned to open in time for the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

Q.2. What is the seating capacity of the Brian Lara Stadium?

Answer: The stadium can accommodate 15,000 people, with both fixed seating and grass banks.

Q.3. What was the first major cricket event held at the Brian Lara Stadium?

Answer: The first major event was the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) finals in 2017.

Q.4. How does the pitch at the Brian Lara Stadium generally perform?

Answer: The pitch is known for being batsman-friendly, with an average first innings score of 185 in T20Is, indicating a surface that facilitates high scoring.

Q.5. What is the Brian Lara Stadium Address?

Answer: The Brian Lara Stadium’s Address is 7HW9+FG7, Brian Lara Stadium Rd, San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago, near the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway.