Justin Langer Declares Himself Unavailable for Coaching Role

image-lcwzubzyJustin Langer resigned as Australia men's team head coach in February 2022. [PC- Twitter] 

Former Australian head coach Justin Langer claims that it's unlikely that he'll do the coaching duties ever again in his professional career after his infamous exit from his role as Australia's coach.

Langer’s departure at the end of last summer came after Cricket Australia (CA) took on board concerns over the coach’s intensity at the end of his initial four-year deal. He was offered a new six-month contract without an extension, which he promptly rejected and resigned from his job in February 2022. 

There was a long-brewing conflict between Langer and "certain players" over his coaching methods and mannerism in the dressing room.

For some inexplicable reason, it was believed that Langer’s brand of tough love got too intense for his players, and even a 4-0 Ashes win for Australia didn’t please his bosses enough to give him a generous extension. 

During his time at the helm, he didn’t let anyone down, and in his four-year-long career as the coach delivered some significant milestones including his maiden T20 World Cup title in 2021.

It is safe to say that Langer took Australia to greater heights after taking the job in tough circumstances in 2018.

A dejected Langer spoke candidly with The Australian’s Peter Lalor and Gideon Haigh on the podcast Cricket Et Cetera, admitting there may be no future for him as coach of any team.

"I don’t think I’ll coach again. No, I don’t think I’ll coach again,”  said Justin Langer.

Despite having a decorated career as a coach with Western Australia, Perth Scorchers, and the Australian team, it's unlikely that he'll be joining any team as a member of the coaching staff any time soon.

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