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"BCCI should give 50% revenue to Olympic sports," Gautam Gambhir talks about IPL and BCCI  

image-laz1531eGautam Gambhir at the FICCI TURF Awards 2022 [Source: Twitter]

Gautam Gambhir answered a lot of burning questions at the 2022 FICCI TURF Awards. He talked about the development of various sports and how BCCI should take responsibility for their development. He also opined on the Indian Premier League, stating how everyone blames IPL when the Indian team fails to perform. 

Gambhir also opined how IPL is currently only fostering to foreign coaching staff. Stating that IPL has minimal Indian coaching staff and how Indian coaches do not find opportunities in the franchise league. 

Gautam Gambhir speaks his mind 

"If there is something I can change. I will bring Indian coaches in IPL. You look at BBL, there are no Indian coaches in the BBL but IPL is full of foreign coaches. An all-Indian coaching and support staff and IPL will be at a super level."

"IPL is the best thing that has happened to cricket. IPL has give more to Indian cricket than anything else."

"If it is my way, probably the BCCI should also go on and give 50 percent of revenue to all other Olympic sports, though it is not my way. Because 50 percent of revenue that is generated out of cricket is enough for cricketers. But the rest of the 50 percent can actually pick up all the other sports."

"The day we start worshipping Indian cricket and other Indian sports. India will be on a completely different level."

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