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T20 WC 2024, IND vs PAK: New York Latest Weather Report; Big-Ticket Match Could Be Spoiled Due To Heavy Rain

The Nassau County Stadium (X.com)
The Nassau County Stadium (X.com)

The T20 World Cup 2024's much-awaited clash between India and Pakistan is just mere hours away and the excitement to witness these two arch-rivals lock horns in New York is unexplainable. But unfortunately, the teams might not be battling just one another but also heavy rain. As per predictions, there are over 40% chances of rain during the game.

India had a cracking start to their tournament after a thumping 8-wicket win against Ireland at New York. On the other hand, Babar Azam and Co faced a shocking defeat to United States of America in a Super Over. 

While the Nassau County Stadium gears up to witness to this phenomenal clash let's take a look at the weather predictions:

IND vs PAK: Nassau County Stadium, New York

IND vs PAK weather predictions by Accuweather
IND vs PAK weather predictions by Accuweather

As per Accuweather, there are 41% chances of rain and a 13% probability of thunderstorms on Sunday. A thundershower in spots in the morning is expected however it will breezy and full of sun.

But looking at the predictions there is going to a thick cloud cover of 68% over the stadium, hence, the chance of rain returning could also be heavily high.

If all goes well, expect this clash to be as thrilling as it has been ever since the beginning.