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Derek Pringle opposes ECB's plan to postpone Ashes 2023

image-l6t7qyr7Australia won the Ashes 2021-22 

The former English fast bowler Derek Pringle has urged the England Cricket Board (ECB) to safeguard the glory of The Ashes

A few days ago, a report in the Daily Mail stated that The Ashes 2023 in England is set to be postponed for the first time after 139 years. The concerned development is reportedly done to secure the services of top English players for the ECB's showpiece event, The Hundred

Currently, the members of the Three Lions Test team are not available for The Hundred due to their forthcoming three-match series against South Africa, beginning Wednesday (17 August). 

Most importantly, the T20 specialists Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow pulled out of the tournament to focus on their red-ball assignments. 

Pringle feels the ECB is doing self-harm to accommodate The Hundred in August, which has been a prime month for international cricketing action. 

“A hot August was once prime cricketing weather except that this year, and for the next five to come, it has been given over to something as yet impersonating this great game — The Hundred," said Pringle. 

“It is even proposed that next year’s Ashes will be completed by the end of July so this pampered child (The Hundred), a sort of T20-light with contrivances, can have the stage to itself. It is a reason to worry. The Ashes are cricket’s holy grail. To risk all that seems an extraordinary act of self-harm by the England and Wales Cricket Board. 

ECB wants to trim County Championship matches 

In its bid to allow sufficient time for rest and recovery of the players to participate in T20 tournaments, ECB has proposed a plan to trim County Championship matches per team. 

Currently, each team plays 14 games per season. The apex board is set to recommend a 12-team tournament, with each team playing 11 games from the 2023 season. 

However, Stokes and the Lancashire Cricket Board have opposed to the reduction in the County Championship matches. 

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