Australian players propose 40 over format to save ODIs


A lot of debate has been thrown about 50 over cricket over the rising popularity of the T20 format. Pundits are concerned that the evolution of T20 and shorter format franchise leagues may end up in the extinction of ODI cricket. 

Ahead of the T20 World Cup this month, Australian players are weighing down on the discussion of whether 50 over cricket needs to be shortened to cater to the evolution of the shorter formats. 

What Aaron Finch said on the topic 

"The same debate keeps coming up every couple of years when you're 12 months out from a World Cup. People try and find relevance in it, but the World Cup rolls around and it'll be bigger than Ben-Hur again and then another format will be on the chopping block."

Usman Khawaja wants a format chop 

"I would like one-day cricket more if it was 40 overs. I really would, T20 cricket's awesome, Test cricket is the pinnacle, I just feel like one day cricket, if it could be 40 overs I reckon that would just take out the middle bit and it would just be [perfect]"

Veterans weigh in 

Spinner Adam Zampa opened up on the topic and expressed that One-day cricket needs a few tweaks to make the format more. Whereas, Nathan Lyon believes that only one ball should be used per innings. 

On the other hand, all-rounder Ashton Agar offered his support to the format and opined that the format needed no changes.

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