The Hundred 2023-W | Southern Brave - Analytical Look Into The Table-Toppers

image-llnh9x3pSouthern Brave are currently at the top of the table in the Women's Hundred 2023 (Source: Twitter)

The league stage of the Hundred Women's Competition is in its last few matches with the top 3 already decided.  They have been the most consistent side in the league with 6 wins and 1 loss from their 7 games. The Brave this season has been a great amalgamation of youth and experience. 

The Southern Brave have been one of the balanced sides in the tournament. Their top-order has looked solid in presence of Smriti Mandhana and Danni Wyatt. All-rounders like Chloe Tryon and Georgia Adams have provided dynamism to the team, while bowlers like Anya Shrubsole and Lauren Bell has provided the winning punch with wickets at crucial junctures. The prime match-winners of the team has been at their best and that has made the Southern Brave the best team in the tournament so far.

Unleashing the Brave Bowlers: Dominance and Strategy in First-Innings Display

image-lln95wuwFirst Innings Teams Figures

In the pulsating arena of the Women's Hundred 2023, the competition has been fierce, with each team's first-innings bowling unit leaving a distinct mark on the tournament's landscape. The Manchester Originals set the tone with their impressive performances, accumulating 30 wickets in 4 matches at an economy rate of 6.89. This was mirrored by their counterparts, the Trent Rockets, who have 28 wickets from 6 matches, while the Southern Brave demonstrated adeptness with 27 wickets and a competitive economy rate of 7.95 in 5 matches.

The Southern Brave's bowling attack has been characterised by its ability to make crucial breakthroughs, and disrupting opposition batting line-ups with precision. Their consistent wicket-taking ability, combined with an economy rate that keeps the pressure on, reflects their astute understanding of the game's dynamics.

Notable performances by key players have fortified the Southern Brave's bowling arsenal, contributing to their standout position in the tournament. As the battles unfold in the Women's Hundred, the Southern Brave's first-innings bowling effort stands as a testament to their tactical acumen, determination, and dedication to the game's craft. With every wicket, they rewrite the narrative of the tournament, captivating fans and making their mark as a formidable contender in this exhilarating cricketing spectacle.


As the Women's Hundred 2023 continues to captivate cricket enthusiasts, the Southern Brave's first-innings bowling efforts remains a standout feature, igniting the tournament with their skilful performances. With a potent blend of wicket-taking prowess and economic discipline, they have etched their presence as a force to reckon with. The Southern Brave's commitment to crafting a formidable bowling attack underscores their dedication to excellence, and their contributions resonate with the essence of the sport. 

In this high-octane competition, their performance serves as a reminder of the game's dynamic nature and the impact that a disciplined and focused bowling line-up can have on shaping the narrative of each match. As the Women's Hundred unfolds, the Southern Brave's bowling prowess promises to be a pivotal factor in their journey to cricketing glory.