BCCI scorer helps family of former colleague at Bombay hospital claim Rs 50 lakh insurance

Mayank Kumar

| May 16, 9:13 AM

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A well-known scorer of the Board of Control for Cricket in India and Mumbai Cricket Association, Deepak Joshi, successfully went the extra mile to enable the family of a technician who died of covid-19 last year working as a technician in the X-ray department of Bombay hospital.

The technician named Dhananjay was a healthcare worker who succumbed in the line of duty and his family was due for a gratuitous amount under the government’s insurance package for the healthcare workers. He had died in May last year and his wife has received a sum of Rs 50 lakh in her account, as per a TOI report.

Detailing his course of action, Joshi said that he had worked with Dhananjay for four years in the same X-ray department and hence was aware of his family’s immediate financial need. 

Joshi realised that Dhanjay’s family was eligible for claims under the government’s insurance policy. After enquiring in the health ministry and the New India Assurance about the ways to file a claim, he submitted Dhanjay’s details with the help of the Bombay hospital human resource department. Following on, Joshi got an email from the insurance company that his wife has received the sum in her account.

“I worked with him in the X-ray department for four years. He was survived by his wife and a daughter, who studies in the ninth standard in school. Realising that they would need financial help on an urgent basis, and that can be done through the Prime Minister’s fund for healthcare workers, I approached New India assurance and the health ministry for details. They asked for some documents of the case, which I submitted with the help of the human resources and medical department of the Bombay Hospital. In March, I got a call and an email from the PM healthcare department, and last week, I got a call and an email from New India Assurance. Last Friday, they transferred Rs 50 lakh to his wife’s account Bank of India Wadala Branch,” Joshi was quoted as saying by TOI.

Amid the horrific times due to a raging Covid-19 pandemic in India, stories of people rising to the occasion for humanitarian purposes are also resonating. 

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