Tabraiz Shamsi compares biosecure bubble to 'cage', advocates relaxed restrictions

Mayank Kumar

Mayank Kumar

Author| Jul 18, 11:40 AM

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

South Africa spinner Tabraiz Shamsi has advocated relaxation in Covid-19 related norms for cricketers by comparing the life inside biosecure bubbles to the life of “caged circus animals” whose whole purpose of living is to “entertain the crowds”.

Shamsi wrote his frustration on Twitter while quoting an ESPNcricinfo tweet that highlighted ECB’s CEO Tom Harrison’s defence of relaxed bio-secure bubbles in order to maintain the mental well being of players.

Shami said that staying in isolation for an extended period of time affect their cricket and families at large.

Notably, Shamsi went on the tour of the West Indies with the South Africa side and has travelled straight to Ireland from the Caribbean.

Teams have adopted the biosecure bubble approach after the ECB showed them the way by hosting West Indies and Pakistan at the height of the pandemic last year in the UK.

ECB has not barred cricketers from leaving the team hotel for their homes and instead has asked all the players and support staff to stay away from the places where the risks of contracting the virus are higher.

The issue of mental health has been highlighted by several big players such as Virat Kohli as players have been travelling to parts of the world in a secure environment in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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