England vs Pakistan 2020: James Anderson advocates for leeway in gloomy conditions

Aug 15, 10:57:38 AM

Photo Courtesy: Twitter
Photo Courtesy: Twitter

After another delayed start on the day three of the 2nd Test match between England and Pakistan, veteran England bowler James Anderson has sparked the debate, if there should be some leeway in gloomy conditions. He was quoted as saying by The Guardian,

It was gloomy but it's one of those when it didn't seem like the batsmen were struggling too much. I don't know what the reading was (at tea). Maybe there could be a bit more leeway there."

He stated that they were lucky to play in the second day with the cloud cover, and that the players cannot do anything about it if the umpires feel that conditions are not suitable for playing.

"The light has been gloomy all day and we've been lucky to get the play we have. It did feel like the floodlights were pretty prominent. The umpires take their readings, we can only go off that so there's nothing more we can do about that," Anderson told BBC.

The rain affected play has frustrated the players on either side after the Covid affected summer and Pakistan batsman Mohammad Rizwan carried the same stance stating that he was ready to play despite the cloud cover.

"I was ready to play but the decision rests with the umpires and they have the responsibility to ensure no one gets injured. They have to go by the light meter. It's the same for both teams," he said.

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