Yasir Shah acquitted in minor girl rape case

Arjun Bhalla

Arjun Bhalla

Author| Jan 12, 5:41 PM


Pakistan cricketer Yasir Shah proved innocent in a rape and harassment case of a 14-year-old minor girl. Yasir suffered from the case of misinterpretation after the victim admitted that his name was added inaccurately in the First Information Report (FIR). 

Following victim' statement, Yasir found his name being retracted from the FIR, which was lodged in the Shalimar Police Station of Islamabad. The report at first included Yasir's name and his friend Farhan under sections 292-B and 292-C (child pornography) and 376 (punishment for rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

The reported incident happened last year. As per the FIR, Farhan raped the minor girl at gunpoint and made a video of it. Yasir as well was involved in the crime and threatened the victim and her aunt not to file a complaint against them.

"When I approached Yasir on WhatsApp and told him about the incident, he made fun of me and said that he likes underage girls. Yasir Shah said that he was a very influential person and that he knew a high-ranking official […] Yasir Shah and Farhan make videos and rape underage girls," the FIR mentioned.

"He proposed to buy me a flat and bear my expenses for the next 18 years" the complaint further read.

However, the victim now has taken back her earlier statement and Police confirmed Yasir's non-involvement in the alleged rape case. "Yasir Shah has nothing to do with the alleged rape case," Police informed.

"The victim admitted that Yasir Shah‘s name was included in the FIR due to misrepresentation," Police reported in the supplementary report of the case.

After being proven innocent, the 35-year-old cricketer posted a message on his Twitter account.

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